Malaysian soil is blessed for great cultivation of so many vegetations. One of the most valuable, yet still unknown to many is the Agarwood trees. Agarwood or known as gaharu, eagleswood, aloeswood, oud, jin-koh and cheng xian is a highly valuable wood that produces a valuable resinous substance which is dark, dense and aromatic.
In some countries, it is also dubbed as the Wood of Gods and Liquid Gold. Currently, the value of Agarwood is pegged at 1.5 times the worth of gold. Major market for Agarwood include China, Japan, Taiwan, Middle East and Europe. The main exporters and producers of Agarwood are Thailand, India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia.
Agarwood has been used by many cultures and community since thousands of years ago: Tibetan monks believe it calms the mind and spirit; Sufis use it for esoteric ceremonies; In China it is considered to have psychoactive properties; In Ancient Egypt, it was used by the Pharaohs for embalming; The Prophet Mohammed mentioned it in the Quran 1400 years ago; “Treat with Indian Oudh, for it has healing for seven diseases”